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On Social Identity
The question: “Can Complex Societies Form a Rational Identity?” already indicates how I wish to use the term ‘identity.’ A society does not just have an identity ascribed to it in the trivial senseExpand
Moral Consciousness and Communicative Action
Introduction by Thomas McCarthy. Philosophy as Stand--In and Interpreter. Reconstruction and Interpretation in the Social Sciences. Discourse Ethics: Notes on a Program of PhilosophicalExpand
Political Communication in Media Society: Does Democracy Still Enjoy an Epistemic Dimension? The Impact of Normative Theory on Empirical Research
I first compare the deliberative to the liberal and the republican models of democracy, and consider possible references to empirical research and then examine what empirical evidence there is forExpand
Contributions to a discourse theory of law and democracy
Translatora s Introduction. Preface. 1. Law as a Category of Social Mediation between Facts and Norms. 2. The Sociology of Law versus the Philosophy of Justice. 3. A Reconstructive Approach to Law I:Expand