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Low-temperature clean-up method for the determination of pyrethroids in milk using gas chromatography with electron capture detection.
A new gas-chromatography with electron capture detection (GC-ECD) method for determination of some pyrethroids in milk samples presented contamination with deltamethrin at levels below the maximum contamination limits established by the FAO.
Optimization and validation of liquid-liquid extraction with low temperature partitioning for determination of carbamates in water.
Using a 2(3) experimental design, liquid-liquid extraction with low temperature partitioning (LLE-LTP) was optimized and validated for analysis of three carbamates (aldicarb, carbofuran and carbaryl)
Mangifera indica leaves extract and mangiferin modulate CB1 and PPARγ receptors and others markers associated with obesity
Analysis of the cytotoxic and anti-inflammatory potential of ethanolic extract of the leaves from Mangifera indica and Mangiferin in vitro found that EMI and MAN had proadipogenic action on post-treatment, while in the co- treatment, EMI attenuated the effect of adipogenesis and MAN increased the adipogenic process.
The nematophagous fungus Monacrosporium thaumasium and its nematicidal activity on Angiostrongylus vasorum.
The results of this work confirm that the conidia as well as the crude extract of the fungus M. thaumasium may be used to control A. vasorum L1 and suggested the presence of one protease (Mt1) of approximately 40 kDa that in the future might be used in biological control of L1 of this nematode.
Anti-obesity effects of tea from Mangifera indica L. leaves of the Ubá variety in high-fat diet-induced obese rats.
The data suggest that TML has therapeutic potential in treating obesity and related diseases through regulating the expression of transcriptional factors and enzymes associated with adipogenesis.
Mango leaf tea promotes hepatoprotective effects in obese rats
Abstract As mango leaf tea contains mangiferin and other bioactive compounds, this study investigated its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and hepatoprotective effects on rats with high-fat induced
Understanding How Pochonia chlamydosporia Increases Phosphorus Availability
Abstract The fungus Pochonia chlamydosporia (Pc) has been increasingly used to control plant-parasitic nematodes. This fungus also increases the uptake of nutrients by plants. However, the mechanisms
Nematicidal action of chitinases produced by the fungus Monacrosporium thaumasium under laboratorial conditions
It was shown that isolate NF34 produced chitinases with nematicidal activity and other experimental designs on geohelminths or even arthropods that transmit diseases may become a new aspect of the field of study of biological control using predatory nematophagous fungi.
Statistical experimental design to assess the influence of enzymes of nematophagous fungi versus helminths.
It is proposed that statistical planning for the use of enzymes derived from nematophagous fungi is a viable way to elucidate some questions about their mechanism of action.
Proteolytic and nematicidal potential of the compost colonized by Hypsizygus marmoreus.
It was demonstrated that SMC from H. marmoreus has easily extracted protease content, presenting two proteases, possibly with cuticle-degrading activity, which had significant nematicidal effect on P. redivivus and bovine infective larvae.