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Analytical Aspects of Phytotherapeutic Valerian Preparations
A high performance liquid chromatographic method combined with diode array detection is described by which the valerian constituents valtrate, isovaltrate, acevaltrate, didrovaltrate,
Analysis of the Essential Oils of Five Curcuma Species
The chemical composition of the essential oils from the rhizomes of five Curcuma species from Indonesia and India was examined by GC-MS. The oils can be characterized by the following compounds: C.
The essential oil of Apium graveolens var. secalinum and its cercaricidal activity
The essential oil showed in addition to a cercaricidal effect also a chemotactic effect on cercariae, being one of the stages in the life cycles of Schistosoma mansoni, which causes schistosomiasis.
Composition of the essential oil from the root of Sassafras albidum (Nutt.) Nees
Both essential oils of Sassafras albidum obtained by hydrodistallation of the root bark and root wood were analyzed and contained the same constituents although there were some quantitative differences.
Investigation of Grewia bicolor Juss.