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Revised report on the algorithm language ALGOL 60
a survey of the basic coustituents arid fcuturcs of the language is given, and the formal notation, by which the syntactic structure is defined, is esplaincd. Expand
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Report on the algorithmic language ALGOL 60
After the publication of a preliminary report on the algorithmic language ALGOL, 2 as prepared at a conference in Zurich in 1958, much interest in the language developed. Expand
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Accelerating convergence of iterative processes
A technique is discussed which, when applied to an iterative procedure for the solution of an equation, accelerates the rate of convergence if the iteration converges and induces convergence if it diverges. Expand
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The problem of programming communication with changing machines: a proposed solution
BASIC ASSUMPTIONS. One of the fundamental problems facing the computer profession today is the considerable length of time required to develop an effective method of communication with the machine.Expand
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AXLE2: an axiomatic language for string transformations
AXLE is a language designed for data manipulation. Data arranged in a linear form in a workspace is transformed according to a table of axioms, called imperatives. A transI0mation consists of aExpand
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From formulas to computer oriented language
A technique to translate simple algebraic formulas into a three address computer code. Expand
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A string language for symbol manipulation based on ALGOL 60
An artiflcial computer programming language is proposed for describing the manipulation of strings of characters and symbols. Expand
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Algorithms: rootfinder
OSt recent algorithms appearing in this section of the Communications. Expand
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Rottfinder (Algorithm 2).