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A control problem for affine dynamical systems on a full-dimensional polytope
Given an affine system on a full-dimensional polyTope, the problem of reaching a particular facet of the polytope, using continuous piecewise-affine state feedback is studied and a constructive procedure yields an affines feedback control law, that solves the reachability problem under consideration. Expand
Reachability and control synthesis for piecewise-affine hybrid systems on simplices
The construction of control laws for piecewise-affine hybrid systems on simplices is given as an explicit algorithm using only linear algebra and reach-set computations for automata; no numerical integration is required. Expand
Aggregative Synthesis of Distributed Supervisors Based on Automaton Abstraction
The key to the success of this approach is a newly developed automaton abstraction technique, that removes irrelevant internal transitions at each synthesis stage so that nonblocking supervisor synthesis can be carried out on relatively small abstracted models. Expand
Control of Distributed Systems: Tutorial and Overview
Coordinated distributed systems are defined for linear systems, for Gaussian systems, and for discrete-eventsystemsandanalgebraic-geometriccharacterization and a specific control synthesis procedure is presented. Expand
System identification with information theoretic criteria
The unified framework for approximation problems of system identification with information theoretic criteria formulated in this paper seems extremely useful. Expand
Systems biology towards life in silico: mathematics of the control of living cells
The origin and evolution of the new part of systems biology that relates to metabolic and signal-transduction pathways is discussed and mathematical biology is extended so as to address postgenomic experimental reality. Expand
On conditional decomposability
A polynomial-time algorithm for verification whether a language is conditionally decomposable with respect to given alphabets is presented and it is shown that conditional decomposability is a weaker condition than nonblockingness. Expand
Control of an engineering-structured multilevel discrete-event system
Control of a multilevel system is developed for a discrete-event system (DES) structured by an engineering model. In a multilevel system, each subsystem has a set of children at the next-lower levelExpand
The Synthesis of Time Optimal Supervisors by Using Heaps-of-Pieces
This paper presents a minimum-makespan supervisor synthesis problem, and shows that the problem can be solved by a terminable algorithm, where the execution time of each string is computable by the theory of heaps-of-pieces. Expand
A Class of Team Problems with Discrete Action Spaces: Optimality Conditions Based on Multimodularity
The main result relates coordinatewise-optimal points to the optimal team decision for a class of team problems with discrete action spaces based on a characterization of coordinatewise minima of multimodular functions. Expand