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On the shear banding flow of elongated micellar solutions
Abstract Under steady shear flow, elongated micellar solutions show shear stress saturation above a critical shear rate due to the formation of shear bands that result in non-homogeneous flow. LongExpand
Shear-banded flow and transient rheology of cationic wormlike micellar solutions
Linear oscillatory as well as transient and steady shear measurements for micellar solutions of dodecyltrimethylammonium bromide (DTAB) and sodium salicylate (NaSal) as a function of theExpand
Phase and rheological behavior of the polymerizable surfactant CTAVB and water.
The linear viscoelastic regime is analyzed with the Granek-Cates model, showing that the relaxation is controlled by the kinetics of reformation and scission of the micelles, and the steady and unsteady responses in the nonlinear regime are compared with the predictions of the Bautista-Manero-Puig model. Expand
Stability analysis of shear banding flow with the BMP model
Abstract The Bautista–Manero–Puig (BMP) model, consisting of the upper-convected Maxwell constitutive equation coupled to a kinetic equation that takes into account structural changes induced byExpand
Rheology of the Pluronic P103/water system in a semidilute regime: evidence of nonequilibrium critical behavior.
Most of the steady-state and transient features of the nonlinear rheology of the P103 polymer-like micelles are reproduced with the Bautista-Manero-Puig (BMP) model, including the predictions of nonequilibrium critical behavior under flow. Expand
A thermodynamic approach to rheology of complex fluids: The generalized BMP model
Abstract In this paper, a set of constitutive relationships arising from the coupling of stress with concentration, are derived using the extended irreversible thermodynamics formalism. In complexExpand
Effect of ionic strength on rheological behavior of polymer-like cetyltrimethylammonium tosylate micellar solutions
The influence of ionic strength on the rheological properties of polymer-like aqueous micellar solutions of cetyltrimethylammonium tosylate (CTAT) containing different salts (KCl, KBr, (COONa)2,Expand
Supramolecular Organization in Calf-Thymus DNA Solutions under Flow in Dependence with DNA Concentration
DNA dynamics and flow properties are of great importance for understanding its functions. DNA is a semiflexible polymer chain characterized by having a large persistence length of around 50 nm andExpand
Estimation of surface tension of pure fluids using the gradient theory
The modified van der Waals theory of interfaces (gradient theory) is used with the equations of state of Peng-Robinson and Mohanty-Davis to predict surface tensions of various nonpolar, quadrupolar,Expand
Experimental evidence of the critical phenomenon and shear banding flow in polymer-like micellar solutions
Abstract Steady shear and rheo-optical experimental data measured in several micellar solutions, demonstrate the existence of a non-equilibrium critical point (necp) in the shear banding flow ofExpand