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Though the dictyosome of the Golgi apparatus appears to be generally distributed in plant and animal cells, it is here described for the first time in the fungi. The present report illustrates, inExpand
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The phenomenon of contraction of a striated muscle down to below 50 per cent rest length has been examined for the scutal depressor of the barnacle Balanus nubilus by a combination of phase contrastExpand
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The micromorphology of FL and primary human amnion cells following exposure to high hydrostatic pressure.
Cells of FL strain and primary human amnion cultures have been exposed to high hydrostatic pressure, and their ultrastructure has been observed following pressure release. Pressure treatment revealsExpand
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The fine structure of Schwann cells, nodes of Ranvier and Schmidt-Lanterman incisures in the central nervous system of the crab, Cancer irroratus.
Electron microscopy of ultrathin sections of crab brain reveals the location of the Schwann cell nucleus outside of the myelin of the nerve fibers, as it is in vertebrate nerves. Comparison of theExpand
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Preparation of tissue for scanning electron microscopy: freeze-fracturing as a technique for enhancing visibility of structural relationships.
Retinas from 3-wk-old mice were prepared for scanning electron microscopy by freezing in Freon 12 at —160 C, cleaving, and then freeze-drying. Preparations were shadowed, and produced clean surfacesExpand
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Scanning and transmission electron micrographs of the same frozen fractured surface.
The freeze-etch technique was applied to scanning and transmission electron-microscopy by freezing samples of tissue from 3-wk-old laboratory white mice in Freon 12 cooled with liquid nitrogen. TheExpand
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Fine structure of mycota
The question of special features in fungal mitochondria which may have phylogenetic significance has been raised several times in recent literature. A representative survey of the micromorphology ofExpand
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