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I HAVE to thank Sir James Jeans for his courteous reception (NATURE, Feb. 28, p. 304) of my recent communication in these columns. I had no intention of starting metaphysical hares in this field, but(More)
OTHERS perhaps besides myself may have regretted that the recent correspondence between Sir Oliver Lodge and Sir James Jeans should have closed just at the point at which questions were raised by it(More)
MY authority for attributing to Descartes the distinction between “creation” and “direction” is Leibniz's “Theodicée” (Erd. 519). I ought to have stated more clearly than I did that he, of course,(More)
I HAVE followed with much interest the discussion opened in your columns by Sir Oliver Lodge's recent contention that mind directs but does not create energy. What is aimed at, as I understand it, by(More)
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