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Analysis of heterocyclic amines and β-carbolines by liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry in cooked meats commonly consumed in Korea
The griddled pork loin and bacon contained higher levels of norharman, harman and PhIP than the other cooked meats. Expand
Control measures implemented during the 2002 foot-and-mouth disease outbreak in the Republic of Korea
This chapter discusses nutritional deficiences of animals and a new fluorometric method for determining selenium, developed in 4th edn. Expand
Distribution of Weed Population in the Paddy Field in Korea, 1981
Nationwide survey of weed population in paddy rice field was conducted from 1760 fields all around Republic of Korea in 1981. The weed species observed include 2 species of grasses, 7 species ofExpand
Selective Mechanism of Oxvfluorfen and Chlormethoxynil in Crops and Weed Species
Absorption and translocation of -oxyfluorfen were higher by foliar application than by root treatment, and selectivity of crops and weed species may be explained partly by the amount of absorption. Expand
Emergence and Growth of Weeds and Their Chemical Control in Paddy Field under Different Water Depths
This experiment was conducted to evaluate weed control effect of Butachlor, Oxadiazon, and Bifenox under three levels of water depth (0, 3, 6 cm). Number of E. crusgall. and M. vaginalis decreased asExpand