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Simultaneous organic and nitrogen removal from municipal landfill leachate using an anaerobic-aerobic system.
An anaerobic-aerobic system including simultaneous methanogenesis and denitrification was introduced to treat organic and nitrogen compounds in immature leachate from a landfill site. DenitrificationExpand
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Low noise GHz passive harmonic mode-locking of soliton fiber laser using evanescent wave interaction with carbon nanotubes.
Passive harmonic mode-locking in soliton fiber laser is presented with excellent noise characteristics by employing a single-walled carbon nanotubes saturable absorber designed to interact withExpand
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Forecasting influent flow rate and composition with occasional data for supervisory management system by time series model.
  • J. Kim, J. Ko, +4 authors T. Park
  • Engineering, Medicine
  • Water science and technology : a journal of the…
  • 1 February 2006
The information on the incoming load to wastewater treatment plants is not often available to apply modelling for evaluating the effect of control actions on a full-scale plant. In this paper, a timeExpand
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Treatment of strong nitrogen swine wastewater in a full-scale sequencing batch reactor.
Treatment of swine wastewater containing strong nitrogen was attempted in a full-scale SBR. The strongest swine wastewater was discharged from a slurry-type barn and called swine-slurry wastewaterExpand
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Enhancing flexible fiber filter (3FM) performance using in-line coagulation.
  • J J Lee, M. Jeong, +5 authors C. Kim
  • Medicine, Chemistry
  • Water science and technology : a journal of the…
  • 1 April 2006
A new packing for deep bed filtration using Flexible Fibers has been proposed and developed on a very large scale for tertiary treatment of wastewater. The purpose of this study is to check theExpand
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All-fiber Er-doped dissipative soliton laser based on evanescent field interaction with carbon nanotube saturable absorber.
We report on an Er-doped fiber pulse laser at large net normal dispersion cavity by employing a dispersion compensating fiber in combination with a single-walled carbon nanotube (SWCNT) saturableExpand
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Full-cyclic control strategy of SBR for nitrogen removal in strong wastewater using common sensors.
  • K. Poo, J. H. Im, +4 authors C. Kim
  • Medicine, Chemistry
  • Water science and technology : a journal of the…
  • 1 February 2006
A full-cyclic automatic control strategy for sequencing batch reactors (SBR) was proposed using only common sensors such as ORP, DO and pH. The main objective was to develop a generally applicableExpand
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Reproducibility control in photosensitivity of in-situ synthesised cadmium sulphide nanowire photosensors
The reproducibility of photosensitivity was analysed for in-situ synthesised CdS nanowire (NW) photosensors according to the distance from the CdS target as well as the position of interdigitatedExpand
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Better understanding of the filtration characteristics in the flexible fibre filter module (3FM).
  • J J Lee, J. H. Im, +4 authors C. Kim
  • Medicine, Chemistry
  • Water science and technology : a journal of the…
  • 2007
This study is about the particle retention and filtration characteristics of fibre filter. Four laboratory scale fibre filters with different heights were used in parallel at various packingExpand
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External carbon feeding strategy for enhancing nitrogen removal in SBR.
Effective method for feeding an external carbon source (ECS) in SBR was investigated to enhance denitrification based on modifying the anoxic/aerobic sub-cycle for swine wastewater treatment. TheExpand
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