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Zooplankton Sampling
Experimental Feeding of Some Medusae and Chaetognatha
The feeding behaviour of eight species of medusae was studied; total food consumed, rates of digestion, and growth rate were noted, especially in Cyanea and Aurelia.Aurelia up to 5 cm diam can accept
Observations on the Fauna and Constituents of an Estuarine Mud in a Polluted Area
THEestuarine mud dealt with in this paper lies on what is known as Dingle Beach, an area (the property of the Mersey Docks and Harbour Board) on the north bank of the Mersey Estuary between Liverpool
The Distribution of Rock Pool Copepoda According to Tidal Level
HITHERTO the rock pool Copepods have been studied mainly from the systematic side; the present paper deals with some investigations into their ecology according to tidal level. A series of pools
Rate of Growth of the Common Starfish, Asterias rubens.
IN the course of a study of the growths on the buoys and beacons in Liverpool Bay marking the entrance to the Mersey Estuary, young Asterias rubens have in nearly all cases been found clinging to the
I.—Siphonophora in the Plankton to the North and West of the British Isles
The distribution of about thirty species of warm water siphonophores over the period 1947–1964 to the north-west and north of the British Isles is used to give a generalized picture of the path of