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Chemical signatures of TNT-filled land mines.
The equilibrium headspace above several military-grade explosives was sampled using solid phase microextraction fibers and the sorbed analytes determined using gas chromatography with an electronExpand
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The Brine Zone in the McMurdo Ice Shelf, Antarctica
Abstract : Observations of a 4.4-m-high brine step in the McMurdo Ice Shelf, Antarctica, show that it has migrated about 1.2 km in 4 years. The present brine wave is overriding an older brine-soakedExpand
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Progress on determining the vapor signature of a buried land mine
The goal of the DARPA 'Dog's Nose' program is to develop a sensor capable of detecting explosives contained in all buried landmines. Expand
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Release of Explosive-Related Vapors from Land Mines
Abstract : Canine detection of buried land mines is thought to be an olfactory process, and efforts are now underway to develop electronic sensing of explosive vapors. Because the quantity andExpand
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Grain-scale mechanisms influencing the elution of ions from snow
Abstract Columns containing synthetic, naturally- or laboratory-aged snow grains were washed with deionized distilled water and with a simulated precipitation solution to investigate both chemicalExpand
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Chemical Fractionation of Brine in the McMurdo Ice Shelf, Antarctica
Abstract : During the austral summers of 1976-77 and 1978-79, several ice cores were taken from the McMurdo Ice Shelf brine zone to investigate its thermal, physical and chemical properties. ThisExpand
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Elution of Ions from Melting Snow. Chromatographic Versus Metamorphic Mechanisms
Abstract : Columns of natural and laboratory-aged snow grains and frozen water droplets were washed with deionized distilled water and with synthetic precipitation solutions to investigate bothExpand
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Atmospheric trace metals and sulfate in the Greenland Ice Sheet
Abstract Chemical analyses of surface snow and dated deep ice core samples from central Greenland suggest that Zn, Pb and sulfate are presently being deposited there at two to three times the naturalExpand
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Increased mercury contamination of distilled and natural water samples caused by oxidizing preservatives
Abstract The passage of mercury vapor from ambient air through the walls of conventional polyethylene (CPE), linear polyethylene (LPE), and Teflon (FEP) containers can seriously contaminate solutionsExpand
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