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Stability and Change in the Educational Gradient of Divorce. A Comparison of Seventeen Countries
In a series of papers, William J. Goode argued that the relationship between modernization and the class composition of divorce is inverse. Starting from his hypothesis, we examine the relationshipExpand
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Birth Order Effects on Educational Attainment and Educational Transitions in West Germany
Using sibling data from the German Life History Study and fixed-effects models, I find that birth order has a strong negative effect on educational attainment in West Germany—being born laterExpand
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Cross-national differences in the gender gap in subjective health in Europe: does country-level gender equality matter?
Multiple studies have found that women report being in worse health despite living longer. Gender gaps vary cross-nationally, but relatively little is known about the causes of comparativeExpand
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The intergenerational transmission of divorce in cross-national perspective: Results from the Fertility and Family Surveys
We used data on women's first marriages from the Fertility and Family Surveys to analyse the intergenerational transmission of divorce across 18 countries and to seek explanations in macro-levelExpand
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Effects of family forms and dynamics on children's well-being and life chances: literature review
In this report, we review literature on the effects of family forms and dynamics on children’s well-being. We focus on European studies, and cover five themes, namely the effects of various familyExpand
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Diverging destinies in international perspective: Education, single motherhood, and child poverty
Educational differences in family demography have gained wide attention, not least due to arguments that they amplify existing inequalities in child well-being and life chances. Despite the interest,Expand
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Marital status, education, and income in relation to the risk of esophageal and gastric cancer by histological type and site
Marital status, income, and education might influence the risk of esophageal and gastric cancer, but the literature is limited. A large study addressing subtypes of these tumors was used to clarifyExpand
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ABSTRACT We analyze occupational attainment and career progression over the life course for Swedish men and women, born in 1925–1974. Careers progress (measured as improvements in occupationalExpand
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Family Dynamics and Child Outcomes: An Overview of Research and Open Questions
Previous research has documented that children who do not live with both biological parents fare somewhat worse on a variety of outcomes than those who do. In this article, which is the introductionExpand
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