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Review of the Anthrenus pimpinellae species group from Palaearctic region (Coleoptera: Dermestidae: Anthrenini)
Three new species Anthrenus (Anthrenus) hoberlandti sp. n., A. (A.) similaris sp. n. and A. (A.) warchalowskii sp. n. all from Iran, are described, illustrated and compared with all known taxa belong
Record of the invasive alien ladybird Harmonia axyridis (Coleoptera, Coccinellidae) from Kenya
Abstract The biological control agent and alien invasive ladybird Harmonia axyridis (Pallas, 1773) was recorded for the first time in Kenya, and in equatorial Africa, in 2010.
A contribution to the knowledge of some families of Coleoptera (Insecta) from Iran.
47 species belonging to 36 genera and 14 families of Coleoptera (Insecta) from different regions of Iran were collected and identified.
Catalogue of the world genera and subgenera of the superfamilies Derodontoidea and Bostrichoidea (Coleoptera: Derodontiformia, Bostrichiformia).
A catalogue of all the known genera and subgenera of the Coleoptera series Derodontiformia and Bostrichiformia, each with a single superfamily (Derodontoidea and Bostrichoidea, respectively), is
Italian Dermestidae: notes on some species and an updated checklist (Coleoptera)
Abstract An up-to-date checklist of the Italian Dermestidae is provided. The presence of 95 species in Italy is confirmed, while further 5 species (Dermestes (Dermestes) vorax Motschulsky, 1860,
A World catalogue of the family Derodontidae (Coleoptera)
A world catalogue of the family Derodontidae (Coleoptera) containing all the taxa described until 2004 is presented.
New archaeorthopteran insects from the Late Carboniferous of the Nord and Pas-de-Calais basins in northern France (Insecta: Cnemidolestodea, Panorthoptera).
These new fossils demonstrate that the archaeorthopterid insect fauna from the North of France was rather diverse with links to late Carboniferous and early Permian assemblages in Euramerica such as the Mazon Creek, Carbondale Formation or Elmo, Wellington Formation (Illinois, Kansas, USA) entomofaunas.
New species from Late Cretaceous New Jersey amber and stasis in subfamily Attageninae (Insecta: Coleoptera: Dermestidae)
This new species of Dermestidae, preserved in Late Cretaceous amber from New Jersey, is described as Attagenus (Aethriostoma) turonianensis n.