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Free radicals in biology and medicine
1. Oxygen is a toxic gas - an introductionto oxygen toxicity and reactive species 2. The chemistry of free radicals and related 'reactive species' 3. Antioxidant defences Endogenous and Diet Derived
Free Radicals and Antioxidants in the Year 2000: A Historical Look to the Future
If reactive oxygen species are intimately involved with the redox regulation of cell functions, as seems likely from current evidence, it may be easier to understand why attempts to change antioxidant balance in aging experiments have failed.
Antioxidants in Nutrition, Health, and Disease
i) Oxygen, the breath of life or oxygen, the first toxic oxidizing air pollutant ii) Metals and oxygen: Respiration, oxidation, and oxygen toxicity iii) Antioxidants: elixirs of life or media hype v)
Antioxidants: Molecules, medicines, and myths.
Oxygen radicals and the nervous system