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Survival of the Brånemark implant in partially edentulous jaws: a 10-year prospective multicenter study.
A total of 127 partially edentulous patients, treated according to the Brånemark protocol, was followed for 10 years after completion of prosthetic treatment. The patients ranged in age from 18 to 70Expand
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Tooth-implant and implant supported fixed partial dentures: a 10-year report.
PURPOSE The use of implants for prosthetic rehabilitation of partially edentulous patients is increasing. However, the possibilities of placing implants in the posterior part of the mandible areExpand
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A meta-analysis of implants in partial edentulism.
A meta-analytic technique was used to estimate the survival of implants supporting bridges or single crowns in partially edentulous patients. A survey of the literature revealed 66 studies, publishedExpand
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Implant treatment of patients with edentulous jaws: a 20-year follow-up.
BACKGROUND Implant-supported prostheses are today often used in rehabilitation of partially or totally edentulous patients. Both patients and the dental profession often regard implant treatment asExpand
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Osseointegrated implants in edentulous jaws: a 2-year longitudinal study.
Osseointegrated implants in 50 edentulous jaws were studied during a 2-year observation period. The implant survival rate was 89% in the maxillae and 97% in the mandibles. The marginal bone lossExpand
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10-year follow-up of onlay bone grafts and implants in severely resorbed maxillae.
Thirty patients with extremely resorbed maxillae had reconstructive bone grafts from the ala iliaca and endosseous implants in a one-stage procedure. The first ten patients constituted a developmentExpand
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Tooth- and implant-supported prostheses: a retrospective clinical follow-up up to 8 years.
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to evaluate clinical treatment outcome of fixed prostheses in different sizes and with combinations of different numbers of teeth and implants as abutments. Expand
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Bridges supported by free-standing implants versus bridges supported by tooth and implant. A five-year prospective study.
The clinical question at issue, whether it is possible to combine implants and natural teeth via fixed bridges, is of current interest. The treatment of the subjects of this prospective study wasExpand
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Implants in partially edentulous patients. A longitudinal study of bridges supported by both implants and natural teeth.
The aim of the study was to compare the outcome of bridges supported by implants with bridges supported by a combination of implants and natural teeth abutments. The study comprised 23 patients withExpand
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Tooth-implant supported fixed prostheses: a retrospective multicenter study.
PURPOSE The purpose of this retrospective multicenter study on implants combined with natural teeth was to investigate the implant survival rate and loss of marginal bone, as well as indications andExpand
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