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Design of experiments: an efficient strategy to identify factors influencing extraction and derivatization of Arabidopsis thaliana samples in metabolomic studies with gas chromatography/mass
The usual aim in metabolomic studies is to quantify the entire metabolome of each of a series of biological samples. To do this for complex biological matrices, e.g., plant tissues, efficient andExpand
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A strategy for identifying differences in large series of metabolomic samples analyzed by GC/MS.
In metabolomics, the purpose is to identify and quantify all the metabolites in a biological system. Combined gas chromatography and mass spectrometry (GC/MS) is one of the most commonly usedExpand
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High-throughput data analysis for detecting and identifying differences between samples in GC/MS-based metabolomic analyses.
In metabolomics, the objective is to identify differences in metabolite profiles between samples. A widely used tool in metabolomics investigations is gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC/MS).Expand
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Extraction and GC/MS analysis of the human blood plasma metabolome.
Analysis of the entire set of low molecular weight compounds (LMC), the metabolome, could provide deeper insights into mechanisms of disease and novel markers for diagnosis. In the investigation, weExpand
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Airborne chemical compounds on dairy farms.
The chemical environment that dairy farmers are exposed to during milking was investigated. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) were analysed and identified, and the levels of formaldehyde, ammonia andExpand
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Cloning and Overproduction of Gibberellin 3-Oxidase in Hybrid Aspen Trees. Effects on Gibberellin Homeostasis and Development1
To broaden our understanding of gibberellin (GA) biosynthesis and the mechanism whereby GA homeostasis is maintained in plants, we have investigated the degree to which the enzyme GA 3-oxidaseExpand
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Metabolomics : a tool for studying plant biology
In recent years new technologies have allowed gene expression, protein and metabolite profiles in different tissues and developmental stages to be monitored. This is an emerging field in plantExpand
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Metabolite Signature during Short-Day Induced Growth Cessation in Populus
The photoperiod is an important environmental signal for plants, and influences a wide range of physiological processes. For woody species in northern latitudes, cessation of growth is induced byExpand
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Global analysis of low-molecular-weight compounds in human plasma using GC/TOF-MS
We developed a method for analysis of low-molecular-weight compounds (LMWC) in human plasma involving extraction of metabolites by organic solvents, derivatization of extract and final analysis by ...
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