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Enterotoxin production by staphylococci isolated from foods in France.
Two hundred and thirteen Staphylococcus aureus and 51 other staphylococcal strains were isolated from 121 foodstuffs of current consumption and two cutaneous samples. Their ability to produceExpand
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Effect of chemical and environmental factors on Aspergillus ochraceus growth and toxigenesis in green coffee
Post-harvest processing (traditional or ecological wet method, and dry method) and coffee pH did not play a significant role in Aspergillus ochraceus growth and OTA production. However, Aw did play aExpand
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Populations of heterotrophic bacteria in an experimental recirculating aquaculture system
Abstract The aim of this work was to identify the main viable heterotrophic bacteria in a marine fish farm with a recirculating water system and to study their growth dynamics. The experiments wereExpand
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Bacteria and nutrients—nitrogen and carbon—in a recirculating system for sea bass production
In a recirculating rearing system, different chemical compounds (nitrate, phosphorus and dissolved organic carbon (DOC)) are accumulated depending on the quantity of replacement water added in theExpand
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A study of the yeast flora and the effect of pure culture seeding during the fermentation process of cocoa beans
Cinetique de l'evolution qualitative et quantitative de la flore de levures. La periode la plus importante se situe les 3 premiers jours ; l'espece la plus importante est Saccharomyces chevalieri. UnExpand
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Abstract The amount of alcohol obtained per hectare of Jerusalem artichoke culture depends on the yield of tubers, the sugar content of the tubers and the fermentibility of these sugars. UnderExpand
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Sugar potential of different Jerusalem artichoke cultivars according to harvest
Abstract Crop growth and development and yield of Jerusalem artichoke were studied in field crops harvested periodically during 2 years. Investigations were carried out on two topics: (i) cultivationExpand
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Study of the phenotypic and genotypic biodiversity of potentially ochratoxigenic black aspergilli isolated from grapes.
Ochratoxin A (OTA) is a mycotoxin with nephrotoxic, carcinogenic, teratogenic and immunotoxic effects, naturally found in agricultural products including grapes and wine. Black Aspergillus speciesExpand
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Microbial hazards related to rice sprouting
The microbiology of rice seeds selected for commercial production of sprouts was studied. Bacteria were numerous but generally nonpathogenic: almost all were gram-negative rods, predominantlyExpand
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