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Health economic burden that wounds impose on the National Health Service in the UK
Objective To estimate the prevalence of wounds managed by the UK's National Health Service (NHS) in 2012/2013 and the annual levels of healthcare resource use attributable to their management andExpand
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Annual cost of bipolar disorder to UK society.
BACKGROUND The socio-economic impact of bipolar disorder in the UK is unknown. AIMS To estimate the annual socio-economic burden imposed by bipolar disorder on UK society. METHOD The annual costExpand
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Health economic burden that different wound types impose on the UK's National Health Service
The aim of this study was to estimate the patterns of care and annual levels of health care resource use attributable to the management of different wound types by the UK's National Health ServiceExpand
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Community-acquired pneumonia: the annual cost to the National Health Service in the UK.
The aim of this study was to estimate the direct annual healthcare costs to the UK National Health Service (NHS) of managing community-acquired pneumonia. Using a prevalence-based burden of illnessExpand
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Impacted cerumen: composition, production, epidemiology and management.
In the UK, some 2.3 million people suffer cerumen ('ear wax') problems serious enough to warrant management, with approximately 4 million ears syringed annually. Impacted cerumen is a major cause ofExpand
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The annual cost of blood transfusions in the UK.
This study estimated the annual UK cost of blood transfusions in 2000/2001, updating a study we performed in 1994/1995. The analysis was based on published data, information from interviews withExpand
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Health economic impact of managing patients following a community-based diagnosis of malnutrition in the UK.
BACKGROUND & AIMS To examine the effect of malnutrition on clinical outcomes and healthcare resource use from initial diagnosis by a general practitioner (GP) in the UK. METHODS 1000 records ofExpand
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Cost of schizophrenia to UK Society. An incidence-based cost-of-illness model for the first 5 years following diagnosis.
OBJECTIVE This study estimated the cost to UK society of an annual cohort of newly diagnosed patients with schizophrenia over the first 5 years following diagnosis, using an incidence-basedExpand
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The Annual Societal Cost of Alcohol Misuse in Scotland Susan J. Varney
AbstractObjective: To estimate the annual socioeconomic burden imposed by alcohol misuse on Scottish society. Design and setting: Resource use attributable to alcohol misuse was obtained fromExpand
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The cost‐effectiveness of macrogol 3350 compared to lactulose in the treatment of adults suffering from chronic constipation in the UK
Background  It is unknown whether macrogol 3350 (Movicol) affords the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) a cost‐effective addition to the current range of laxatives.
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