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The Inkless Octopuses (Cephalopoda: Octopodidae) of the Southwest Atlantic
Three inkless octopodids are described from the continental shelf off southeastern South America and it is argued that the misleading characterization of the so-called Benthoctopus group of species as “smooth skinned” is based upon the artefactual appearance of specimens fixed and preserved suboptimally following a detrimental freeze-thaw cycle of fisheries material previously frozen while at sea.
First observation on Cirrothauma sp. in the Colombian Southern Caribbean
During usual inspection of an exploratory well by a Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) approximately 57 kilometers (km) off the coast of Arboletes (Colombian coast) (9°12ʹ25,732”N; 76°49ʹ55,091”W), one
Sea grasses, a new unreported habitat for the heterobranch mollusk Umbraculum umbraculum in the Caribbean region
Herein, a new habitat for the heterobranch mollusk Umbraculum is described. One specimen was found on a Thalassia testudinum bed at Taganga Bay at 3 m depth, a buffer area of the Tayrona National