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Bryophyte checklist of Northern Africa
Abstract A bryophyte checklist of Northern Africa has been compiled based on the published literature. On the basis of this catalogue 5 hornworts, 171 liverworts and 706 mosses are reported for theExpand
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Contribution to the bryophyte flora of Morocco: the Jbel Toubkal
Abstract The bryophyte flora of the Jbel Toubkal, included in the Toukbal National Park (Morocco), is catalogued. Only 12 bryophytes had been reported previously from this mountain, the highest inExpand
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Gypsiferous outcrops in SE Spain, refuges of rare, vulnerable and endangered bryophytes and lichens
After studying the bryophyte and lichen flora of the gypsiferous outcrops of SE Spain, it is becoming clear that these sites are important as a refuge for rare, vulnerable and endangered species.Expand
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A special habitat for bryophytes and lichens in the arid zones of Spain
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Preliminary Investigation of the Systematics of Didymodon (Pottiaceae, Musci) Based on nrITS Sequence Data
Abstract A phylogenetic analysis of species of Didymodon from the Mediterranean area, Macaronesia, and Southwestern and Central Asia is presented. The ITS1, 5.8S rRNA gene, and ITS2 for 30 speciesExpand
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Molecular data Confirm the Presence of Anacolia menziesii (Bartramiaceae, Musci) in Southern Europe and Its Separation from Anacolia webbii
Abstract ISSR (Inter-Simple Sequence Repeat) fingerprint data and nrITS sequences confirm the presence of Anacolia menziesii in Europe. The species is more variable genetically in North America thanExpand
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An overview of Syntrichia ruralis complex (Pottiaceae: Musci) in the Mediterranean region and neighbouring areas
Generic boundaries in the Pottieae, notably in the series Pottia–Desmatodon–Tortula–Syntrichia, are particularly difficult to delimit (Blockeel, 1990), and for this reason many authors haveExpand
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The taxonomic status of Tortula muralis var. baetica (Musci, Pottiaceae): a comparative study
Abstract Tortula muralis var. obcordata and T. muralis var. baetica, two taxa described from samples collected in Spain, were compared with T. muralis var. muralis in order to establish theirExpand
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