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Crystal data on paratacamite, γ-Cu2(OH)3Cl
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Direct synthesis and single crystal structure determination of cubic pyrochlore-type tungsten trioxide hemihydrate, WO3 · 0.5H2O
Cubic pyrochlore-type WO3 · 0.5H2O has been synthesized hydrothermally directly from solution and its crystal structure determined by X-ray diffraction of a single crystal: space group Fd3m, a =Expand
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Topotactic dehydration of molybdenum trioxide-hydrates
Abstract It is shown that thermal dehydration of molybdenum trioxide-dihydrate proceeds in two steps, both of which are strongly topotactic. The topotactic relations have been established and beenExpand
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Activation of unsupported CoMo catalysts in thiophene hydrodesulfurization
Abstract A series of unsupported oxidic CoMo catalysts with different mole fractions r = Co (Co + Mo) was prepared by coprecipitation of solutions of (NH 4 ) 6 Mo 7 O 24 and Co(NO 3 ) 2 . TheExpand
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Preparation of Ag5−xTe3Thin Films and Confirmation of Their Crystal Structure by High Resolution Electron Microscopy
Abstract Single crystalline thin films of Ag 5− x Te 3 (Steutzite) have been prepared from thin silver films and tellurium vapour and their crystal structure is compared to crystal structuresExpand
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The luminescence of magnesium tungstate dihydrate, MgWO4·2H2O
The luminescence of MgWO4.2H2O contains two emission bands, one due to the tungstate tetrahedron, and another one related to the hydrate group. The former is compared with the tungstate luminescenceExpand
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“High-temperature” magnesium tungstate, MgWO4, prepared at moderate temperature
Abstract Powder with X-ray diffraction patterns almost identical with those of the high-temperature phase of MgWO4, reported to exist only above 1165°C, have been prepared in the temperature range ofExpand
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Crystal structure and properties of a new magnesium heteropoly-tungstate, Mg7(MgW12O42)(OH)4(H2O)8, and the isostructural compounds of manganese, iron, cobalt and nickel
Abstract Cubic Mg7(MgW12O42)(OH)4(H2O)8 has been prepared in single crystalline form from solution. Isomorphous compounds, in which Mg is replaced by the transition metals Mn, Fe, Co and Ni have beenExpand
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