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Highly siderophile elements in chondrites
Abstract The abundances of the highly siderophile elements (HSE), Re, Os, Ir, Ru, Pt and Pd, were determined by isotope dilution mass spectrometry for bulk samples of 13 carbonaceous chondrites, 13Expand
Comparative 187Re-187Os systematics of chondrites: Implications regarding early solar system processes
Abstract A suite of 47 carbonaceous, enstatite, and ordinary chondrites are examined for Re-Os isotopic systematics. There are significant differences in the 187Re/188Os and 187Os/188Os ratios ofExpand
The onset of metamorphism in ordinary and carbonaceous chondrites
Ordinary and carbonaceous chondrites of the lowest petrologic types were surveyed by Xray mapping techniques. A variety of metamorphic effects were noted and subjected to detailed analysis usingExpand
Thermal Metamorphism in Chondrites
Thermal metamorphism has affected most chondritic meteorites to some extent, and in most ordinary chondrites, some carbonaceous chondrites, and many enstatite chondrites it has significantly modifiedExpand
The Formation Conditions of Chondrules and Chondrites
It is shown that the abundance of the volatile element sodium remained relatively constant during chond rule formation, which explains many other chemical characteristics of chondrules and implies that chondrule and planetesimal formation were linked. Expand
Phengite-hosted LILE Enrichment in Eclogite and Related Rocks: Implications for Fluid-Mediated Mass Transfer in Subduction Zones and Arc Magma Genesis
Geochemical differences between island arc basalts (IAB) and oceanwt % (0·027 per 11 oxygens). Ba in phengite does not covary strongly with either Na or K. Ba contents of phengite increase from floorExpand
Fe-Ni Metal in Primitive Chondrites: Indicators of Classification and Metamorphic Conditions
METAMORPHIC CONDITIONS. M. Kimura, J. N. Grossman, and M. K. Weisberg, Faculty of Science, Ibaraki University, Mito 310-8512, Japan, makotoki@mx.ibaraki.ac.jp, US Geological Survey, 954 NationalExpand
Enrichment of trace elements in garnet amphibolites from a paleo-subduction zone: Catalina Schist, southern California
The abundance, P-T stability, solubility, and element-partitioning behavior of minerals such as rutile, garnet, sphene, apatite, zircon, zoisite, and allanite are critical variables in models forExpand
Measuring metamorphic history of unequilibrated ordinary chondrites
A thermoluminescence sensitivity technique is used to give a new measurement of the degree of metamorphism of unequilibrated ordinary chondrites. Consequently the petrological assignment of theseExpand
Comet 81P/Wild 2 Under a Microscope
The Stardust spacecraft collected thousands of particles from comet 81P/Wild 2 and returned them to Earth for laboratory study. The preliminary examination of these samples shows that the nonvolatileExpand