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Neolignans and nor-neolignans from Krameria lanceolata☆
Abstract From the hexane extract of the roots of Krameria lanceolata , five new phenylpropanoids were isolated, besides 13 neolignans/ nor -neolignans already known from other Krameriaceae.
Sperm maturation associated with subfertility following hyperbaric exposure of mice.
Electron microscopy of testicular tissue from hyperbaric-exposed animals revealed a significant effect on spermatogenesis including disorganization and patchy necrosis of the epithelium, which directly confirm the earlier hypothesis that chronichyperbaric exposure has a deleterious effect on sperm maturation. Expand
Biochemical diagnosis in prenatal uropathy.
Fluid aspirates of fetuses with ultrasonographically detectable cystic cavities in the abdomen should be examined for sodium and creatinine to assess remaining renal function for planning of obstetric management. Expand