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Thermobarometric and differential scanning calorimetric study of the polymorphism of some even and odd paraffins (C26, C27, C40, C60)
Abstract Thermal and thermobarometric analysis of three n-paraffins having an even number of carbon atoms (C26, C40 and C60) and of one paraffin having an odd number (C27) are reported. The two
Effect of n-alkanes on asphaltene structuring in petroleum oils.
It is proposed that the latter interactions are responsible for the formation of the asphaltene aggregates and are the driving force of the aggregate assembly into higher structures.
Enthalpies of absorption and solubility of CO2 in aqueous solutions of methyldiethanolamine
Abstract A flow mixing unit using a SETARAM C-80 calorimeter, developed for measuring the enthalpy of solution of two fluids, has been used to measure enthalpies of absorption of carbon dioxide in a
Supercritical gas–polymer interactions with applications in the petroleum industry. Determination of thermophysical properties
The knowledge of chemical equilibria in {gas–polymer} systems plays an essential role as regards the safety of transport of petroleum products in polymer-made pipes. Thermophysical properties of
Thermodynamics of organic mixtures. A generalized quasichemical theory in terms of group surface interactions
A general quasi chemical theory in terms of group surface interactions is presented. The theory is applied to several basic classes of organic mixtures comprising n-alkanes, aromatic hydrocarbons,
Thermal decomposition of ammonia-borane under pressures up to 600 bar
The thermal decomposition of ammonia–borane BH3NH3 in the temperature range up to 450 K has been studied by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and volumetric analysis of the released volatile
Isothermal titration calorimetry: A thermodynamic interpretation of measurements
Abstract Isothermal titration calorimeters have been developed and in use since the 1960s and the number of applications based on empirical rules to use them steadily increases. In this paper a
Thermodynamics of (a halogenated ethane or ethene + an n-alkane). VE and CPE of mixtures containing either 1,1,2,2-tetrachloroethane or tetrachloroethene
Abstract Excess molar volumes V E and excess molar heat capacities C P E at constant pressure have been determined at 298.15 K as a function of mole fraction x 1 for mixtures belonging to series I:
Thermodynamics of ester-containing mixtures. Excess enthalpies and excess volumes for alkyl acetates and alkyl benzoates + alkanes, + benzene, + toluene, and + ethylbenzene
Abstract The excess enthalpies H E and excess volumes V E have been measured at 298.15 K for some binary mixtures formed from an ester + a hydrocarbon. The esters considered were methyl acetate,
Simultaneous measurement of the solubility of nitrogen and carbon dioxide in polystyrene and of the associated polymer swelling
New experimental results for the solubility of nitrogen and carbon dioxide in polystyrene are reported, accompanied by data on the change in volume of the polymer caused by the sorption process. The