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Dynamic predicate logic
This paper is devoted to the formulation and investigation of a dynamic semantic interpretation of the language of first-order predicate logic. Expand
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On the semantics of questions and the pragmatics of answers
Studies over de semantische analyse van vraagzinnen en antwoorden overgedragen op vragen als zodanig. Expand
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Coreference and modality
The prevailing view on meaning in logical semantics from its inception at the end of the nineteenth century until the beginning of the eighties has been one which is aptly summarized in the sloganExpand
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Inquisitive semantics and pragmatics
This paper starts with an informal introduction to inquisitive semantics. Expand
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Inquisitive Semantics: Two Possibilities for Disjunction
We introduce an inquisitive semantics for a language of propositional logic, where the interpretation of disjunction is the source of inquisitiveness. Expand
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Formal methods in the study of language
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Dynamic Montague grammar
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The Logic of Interrogation (classical version)
Gricean pragmatics is as much part of an overall theory of meaning, as logical semantics is . Expand
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Inquisitive Semantics: A New Notion of Meaning
This paper presents a notion of meaning that captures both informative and inquisitive content in an integrated way, which forms the cornerstone of interrogisitive semantics. Expand
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Two Theories of Dynamic Semantics
The dynamic view on the semantics of natural language, though stemming already from the seventies, has developed into a widely studied subject in the second half of the eighties. Expand
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