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Ultra-thin metamaterial for perfect and omnidirectional sound absorption
Using the concepts of slow sound and of critical coupling, an ultra-thin acoustic metamaterial panel for perfect and omnidirectional absorption is theoretically and experimentally conceived in thisExpand
Rainbow-trapping absorbers: Broadband, perfect and asymmetric sound absorption by subwavelength panels for transmission problems
Perfect, broadband and asymmetric sound absorption is theoretically, numerically and experimentally reported by using subwavelength thickness panels in a transmission problem. The panels are composedExpand
Acoustic response of a rigid-frame porous medium plate with a periodic set of inclusions.
The acoustic response of a rigid-frame porous plate with a periodic set of inclusions is investigated by a multipole method. The acoustic properties, in particular, the absorption, of such aExpand
The use of slow waves to design simple sound absorbing materials
We demonstrate that the phenomenon of slow sound propagation associated with its inherent dissipation (dispersion + attenuation) can be efficiently used to design sound absorbing metamaterials. TheExpand
Enhancing the absorption coefficient of a backed rigid frame porous layer by embedding circular periodic inclusions.
The acoustic properties of a porous sheet of medium static air flow resistivity (around 10,000 N m s(-4)), in which a periodic set of circular inclusions is embedded and which is backed by a rigidExpand
Quasiperfect absorption by subwavelength acoustic panels in transmission using accumulation of resonances due to slow sound
This work has been funded by the Metaudible Project No. ANR-13-BS09-0003, cofunded by ANR and FRAE.
Use of slow sound to design perfect and broadband passive sound absorbing materials.
Perfect (100%) absorption by thin structures consisting of a periodic arrangement of rectangular quarter-wavelength channels with side detuned quarter-wavelength resonators is demonstrated. TheExpand
Metadiffusers: Deep-subwavelength sound diffusers
We present deep-subwavelength diffusing surfaces based on acoustic metamaterials, namely metadiffusers. These sound diffusers are rigidly backed slotted panels, with each slit being loaded by anExpand
Localized transversal-rotational modes in linear chains of equal masses.
The propagation and localization of transversal-rotational waves in a two-dimensional granular chain of equal masses are analyzed in this study. The masses are infinitely long cylinders possessingExpand
How reproducible are methods to measure the dynamic viscoelastic properties of poroelastic media
In this paper, fourteen independent sets of laboratory measurements were performed on specimens of the same porous media measured with different methods and in different laboratories around the world. Expand