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New Extragalactic Perspectives in the New South Africa
What is the nature and composition of the dust grains responsible for the visual extinction in our Galaxy and in other galaxies beyond? What are the ranges in temperature of dust grains? Can these beExpand
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The chemistry of life's origins
Preface. Interstellar dust evolution: a reservoir of prebiotic molecules J.M. Greenberg, C.X. Mendoza-Gomez. Laboratory simulations of grain icy mantles processing by cosmic rays V. Pirronello.Expand
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Radical formation, chemical processing, and explosion of interstellar grains
The ultraviolet radiation in interstellar space is shown to create a sufficient steady state density of free radicals in the grain mantle material consisting of oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, and hydrogenExpand
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Beyond enmeshment: evidence for the independence of intrusiveness and closeness-caregiving in married couples.
In a 1996 article on family theory, we (Green & Werner) proposed that family enmeshment should not be equated with high cohesion and that the construct of enmeshment fails to discriminate between twoExpand
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Chemistry in Space
Nuclear Processes.- Chemical Enrichment of the Interstellar Medium.- A Brief Introduction to the Cosmic Radiation.- Molecules and Dust in Interstellar and Circumstellar Environments.- InterstellarExpand
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What is new about the new Comet Yanaka (1988r)
A deficiency in the observed abundances of C2 and CN in Comet Yanaka (1988r) is explained in terms of the properties of its organic refractory dust component and the fact that it is a new comet.Expand
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Looking for the Homochiral Signature of Life: The Seth Cigar
One of the most characteristic features of life is its homochirality: all biomolecules are of one hand, e.g. terrestrial life is based on all-L amino acids and all-D sugars. Non-living systems areExpand
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What have we learned; where do we go from here?
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Educational computing at the Open University: the second decade
This paper charts the use of computers in the multi-media teaching system of the British Open University through the nineteen-eighties. Expand
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