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Vertical profiles of refractivity turbulence structure constant: Comparison of observations by the Sunset Radar with a new theoretical model
Vertical profiles of refractivity turbulence structure constant C2n (which is proportional to the radar volume reflectivity) from about 5 to 15 km are measured by the Sunset Radar every 50 seconds.Expand
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Duration and extent of the great auroral storm of 1859.
The great geomagnetic storm of August 28 through September 3, 1859 is, arguably, the greatest and most famous space weather event in the last two hundred years. For the first time observations showedExpand
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Plasma observations at the earth's magnetic equator
The magnetic equator provides a unique location for thermal plasma and plasma wave measurements. Plasma populations are found to be confined within a few degrees latitude of the equator, particularlyExpand
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Exterior and interior polar cusps: Observations from Hawkeye
Hawkeye plasma, magnetic field, and plasma wave instruments directly sampled the throat of the northern polar cusp as the orientation of the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) changed from southwardExpand
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Evidence for specular reflection from monostatic VHF radar observations of the stratosphere
The received signal obtained on the vertical antenna of the 40 MHz Sunset radar often reveals an order-of-magnitude enhancement over the received signal obtained nearly simultaneously on an antennaExpand
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Plasmaspheric mass loss and refilling as a result of a magnetic storm
[1] Using the sounding measurements from the radio plasma imager on IMAGE and a plasma density inversion algorithm, we derive the plasma density profiles along the magnetic field in a few L shellsExpand
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Phase relations and vitrification in saccharide-water solutions and the trehalose anomaly
Glass transition temperatures and phase relations for several saccharide-water systems are reported. The trehalose-water system is distinguished from the others by a significantly higher T g at allExpand
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First measurements of supersonic polar wind in the polar magnetosphere
Measurements from the Retarding Ion Mass Spectrometer (RIMS) on Dynamics Explorer (DE) have, for the first time, revealed a supersonic polar wind (Mach number is greater than 1) along polar cap fieldExpand
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Using short soil moisture probes with high-bandwidth time domain reflectometry instruments
Time domain reflectometry (TDR) is used to measure moisture content and salinity of soils. Most TDR systems have a bandwidth of 2.5 GHz or less, limiting the precision of measurements using shortExpand
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Use of Doppler radar for the measurement of atmospheric turbulence parameters from the intensity of clear‐air echoes
Doppler radars measure the refractivity turbulence structure constant Cn2 in a straightforward manner. In this paper we explore the relationship between Cn2 and the intensity of atmosphericExpand
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