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Colonization front of the understorey palm Astrocaryum sciophilum in a pristine rain forest of French Guiana
Aims Astrocaryum sciophilum (Miq.) Pulle (Arecaceae) is an understorey palm, endemic to north-eastern South America with a patchy distribution. We tested the hypothesis that the spatial distributionExpand
Summary In a brief introduction to the Guianan area (location, geomorphology and climate), the author gives a short description of the main forest types occurring in the Guianas: upland moist forest,Expand
Species abundance, distribution and diversity in time and space after centuries of botanical collecting in the Guianas
For centuries, botanists have collected plant specimens across the Guianas (Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana). In this paper, we describe the construction of a comprehensive angiosperm specimenExpand
Remarks on the montane flora and vegetation types of the Guianas
Granville, J.-J. de: Remarks on the montane flora and vegetation types of the Guianas.- Willdenowia 21: 201-213. 1991.- ISSN 0511-9618. Three main types ofreliefabove 500 meters are found in theExpand
A new species of Asterogyne (Palmae) from French Guiana
Asterogyne guianensis, a new species from French Guiana, is described and illustrated. The differences between this and the morphologically similarA. spicata are given. A map and discussion ofExpand
Monocotyledons and Pteridophytes indicators of environmental constraints in the tropical vegetation
GRANVILLE, J.-J. DE (1984). Monocotyledons and pteridophytes indicators of environmental constraints in the tropical vegetation. Candoilea 39: 265-269. In English, French abstract. vegetation isExpand
Palms and Forest Management in Amazonia
A world without palms is a nonsense for most Amazonian inhabitants. Many data on ethnobotany and economic botany of palms have been published since Wallace’s book (1853), Palm Trees of the Amazon andExpand