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Pre-clinical screening of drugs using the mdx mouse
The genetically dystrophin-deficient mdx mouse, with its characteristic and regular exercise-induced loss of strength, is a useful experimental platform on which to screen potential drug therapies inExpand
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Impact of prednisone on TGF‐β1 and collagen in diaphragm muscle from mdx mice
The purpose of this study was to assess the impact of prednisone treatment for 8 weeks on the level of transforming growth factor‐beta 1 (TGF‐β1), hydroxyproline (HYP) concentrations, and level ofExpand
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Strength and endurance in the therapeutic evaluation of prednisolone-treated MDX mice.
The dystrophin-deficient, X-linked dystrophic mouse (mdx) was used to evaluate the efficacy of prednisolone treatment. A test protocol was used to take advantage of the quantifiable weakness andExpand
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Regenerated mdx mouse skeletal muscle shows differential mRNA expression.
Despite over 3,000 articles published on dystrophin in the last 15 years, the reasons underlying the progression of the human disease, differential muscle involvement, and disparate phenotypes inExpand
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Efficacy of drug regimen exceeds electrostimulation in treatment of avian muscular dystrophy.
Autosomal-recessive dystrophic chickens were treated in three experimental groups with an intraperitoneal multicomponent drug mixture (50 mg/kg Ep475, 20 mg/kg Cinanserin, 10 mg/kg stanazolol, 100Expand
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Cromolyn increases strength in exercised mdx mice.
Exercised mdx mice were used to evaluate the efficacy of two pharmacologic entities, cromolyn and compound 48/80. Beginning at 2 weeks of age, mdx mice were treated with either cromolyn (50Expand
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Duchenne-like myopathy in double-mutant mdx mice expressing exaggerated mast cell activity
Dystrophin-deficient female mdx mice were bred with male Tsk+/+ pa mice to examine the role played by mast cells in the pathophysiology of dystrophin deficiency. Resultant mdx/Tsk double-mutant miceExpand
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Enhanced sensitivity of mdx mice to intramuscular injection of compound 48/80.
Species-specific differences in the inflammatory response, specifically with regard to mast cells, have been proposed to explain the phenotypic variation among dystrophin-deficient humans, and mdxExpand
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Abstract 208: A novel cell culture surface supports effective formation of three dimensional cancer spheroids in suspension.
The study of cell biology via monolayer cell culture systems is not entirely adequate for the investigation of complex inter-cell and cell to extracellular matrix interactions in vitro. ThreeExpand
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Benchmark performance of Matrix 2D-barcoded cryostorage tubes
Cryostorage tubes often hold high-value and important samples over long periods of time. Since the primary role of these tubes is to maintain samples without allowing any alterations during theirExpand