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Bubbles, Drops, and Particles
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Biomass gasification in a circulating fluidized bed
Abstract This paper presents the results from biomass gasification tests in a pilot-scale (6.5-m tall × 0.1-m diameter) air-blown circulating fluidized bed gasifier, and compares them with modelExpand
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The yield stress of fibre suspensions
Yield stresses were determined for commercial wood pulp suspensions and synthetic fibre suspensions of low and medium mass concentration. The yield stresses measured represent interfibre failure ofExpand
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Contacting modes and behaviour classification of gas—solid and other two-phase suspensions
An attempt is made to extend schemes for classifying the behaviour of gas—solid contacting modes and other two-phase systems. The regime diagram approach of Reh (1971) is modified and extended toExpand
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A State-of-the-Art Review of Gas-Solid Turbulent Fluidization
Abstract Turbulent fluidization has only been widely recognized as a distinct flow regime for the past two decades, even though it is commonly utilized in industrial fluidized-bed reactors due toExpand
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Effect of bubble interaction on interphase mass transfer in gas fluidized beds
Abstract A non-interfering technique has been used to measure the concentration of ozone in pairs of bubbles injected into a bed of inactive 390 μm glass beads fluidized by ozone-free air. TheExpand
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Equilibrium modeling of gasification: a free energy minimization approach and its application to a circulating fluidized bed coal gasifier
Abstract A non-stoichiometric equilibrium model based on free energy minimization is developed to predict the performance of gasifiers. The model considers five elements and 44 species in both theExpand
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Circulating fluidized beds
Introduction to circulating fluidized beds. Hydrodynamics of circulating fluidized beds. Gas mixing. Solids motion and mixing. Hydrodynamic modelling. Cyclones and separation devices. Standpipes andExpand
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Verification and validation of CFD models and dynamic similarity for fluidized beds
Claims and suggestions in the literature that verification or validation of CFD numerical models has been achieved for fluidized beds are inconsistent with objective criteria and accepted usage of terminology. Expand
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Occurrence of PFCs and PBDEs in Landfill Leachates from Across Canada
Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) and perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) are both classes of persistent organic pollutants with potential major health and environmental concerns. Many PBDE- andExpand
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