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Some distance properties of latent root and vector methods used in multivariate analysis
SUMMARY This paper is concerned with the representation of a multivariate sample of size n as points P1, P2, ..., PI in a Euclidean space. The interpretation of the distance A(Pi, Pj) between the ith
A General Coefficient of Similarity and Some of Its Properties
A general coefficient measuring the similarity between two sampling units is defined. The matrix of similarities between all pairs of sample units is shown to be positive semidefinite (except
Generalized procrustes analysis
SupposePi(i) (i = 1, 2, ...,m, j = 1, 2, ...,n) give the locations ofmn points inp-dimensional space. Collectively these may be regarded asm configurations, or scalings, each ofn points
Metric and Euclidean properties of dissimilarity coefficients
We assemble here properties of certain dissimilarity coefficients and are specially concerned with their metric and Euclidean status. No attempt is made to be exhaustive as far as coefficients are
Minimum Spanning Trees and Single Linkage Cluster Analysis
Minimum spanning trees (MST) and single linkage cluster analysis (SLCA) are explained and it is shown that all the information required for the SLCA of a set of points is contained in their MST.
Genstat 5 Reference Manual
Part 1 Introduction, terminology and syntax: Genstat programs characters items lists expressions and formulae statements how to compact programs conventions for examples in later chapters. Part 2 The
The properties of a stochastic model for the predator-prey type of interaction between two species
The two main types of interaction between any pair of biological species, which are of most interest to the ecologist, are either when they are competing together for some common source of food
Euclidean Distance Geometry