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The Domestication of the Savage Mind
List of tables and figures Preface 1. Evolution and communication 2. Intellectuals in pre-literate societies? 3. Literacy, criticism and the growth of knowledge 4. Literacy and classification: on
The Consequences of Literacy
The accepted tripartite divisions of the formal study both of mankind's past and present are to a considerable extent based on man's development first of language and later of writing. Looked at in
Cooking, Cuisine and Class: A Study in Comparative Sociology
List of illustrations Preface 1. Intentions and remarks 2. State of play 3. Production and consumption among the LoDagaa and Gonja of northern Ghana 4. The high and the low: culinary culture in Asia
The Development of the Family and Marriage in Europe
  • J. Goody
  • History, Economics
  • 1 December 1984
List of figures, maps and tables Preface 1. Perspectives 2. Two sides to the Mediterranean 3. Change in the German lands 4. Cousins and widows, adoptees and concubines 5. From sect to Church 6.
The logic of writing and the organization of society
Studies in literacy, family, culture and the state: an introduction Preface 1. The word of God 2. The word of mammon 3. The state, the bureau and the file 4. The letter of the law 5. Ruptures and
The interface between the written and the oral
  • J. Goody
  • Education, History
  • 1 September 1989
The interface between the sociological and psychological analysis of literacy and the historical development of writing and its impact on individuals in Society are examined.
Bridewealth and dowry in Africa and Eurasia
Both bridewealth and dowry involve the transmission of property at marriage. Whatever 'symbolic' aspects mark these transfers, they also have their economic functions, not primarily as intermediaries
Literacy in Traditional Societies.
Introduction Jack Goody 1. The consequences of literacy Jack Goody and Ian Watt 2. Implications of literacy in traditional China and India Kathleen Gough 3. Literacy in a Buddhist village in
The Myth of a State
That the distinction between myth and history is a tenuous one hardly requires elaborate documentation. Anthropologists have recorded the way in which accounts of the tribal past, recorded in