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Introduction to Fourier optics
The second edition of this respected text considerably expands the original and reflects the tremendous advances made in the discipline since 1968. All material has been thoroughly updated andExpand
Speckle Phenomena in Optics: Theory and Applications
Comprehending as skillfully as conformity even more than further will allow each success. next to, the revelation as with ease as keenness of this speckle phenomena in optics theory and theExpand
Statistical Properties of Laser Speckle Patterns
Since speckle plays an important role in many physical phenomena, it is essential to fully understand its statistical properties. Starting from the basic idea of a random walk in the complex plane,Expand
Some fundamental properties of speckle
A speckle pattern formed in polarized monochromatic light may be regarded as resulting from a classical random walk in the complex plane. The resulting irradiance fluctuations obey negativeExpand
Statistical Optics
A mathematical analysis of the DCT coefficient distributions for images
  • E. Lam, J. Goodman
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • IEEE Trans. Image Process.
  • 1 October 2000
This work offers a rigorous mathematical analysis using a doubly stochastic model of the images, which not only provides the theoretical explanations necessary, but also leads to insights about various other observations from the literature. Expand
A technique for optically convolving two functions.
Introduction to Fourier Optics; Second Edition
Digital Image Formation From Electronically Detected Holograms
With the advent of the so-called "offset-reference" technique (Refs. 1,2,3) for recording holograms, many of the previous limita-tions of Gabor's wavefront-reconstruction process (Refs. 4,5,6) haveExpand
Some effects of target-induced scintillation on optical radar performance
The statistical performance of pulsed optical radars that use energy detection is considered. While the signal photoelectron statistics produced by a return from a specular target are Poisson, thoseExpand