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The Syllable
In 1968, Ernst Pulgram began his classic monograph on the syllable with the wise words, “conscience, courtesy, and caution require that anyone wishing to concern himself with the syllable read all,Expand
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The Structure of Intonational Meaning: Evidence from English
Now welcome, the most inspiring book today from a very professional writer in the world, the structure of intonational meaning evidence from english. This is the book that many people in the worldExpand
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The handbook of phonological theory
List of Contributors vii Preface ix 1 Rules v. Constraints 1 David Odden 2 Opacity and Ordering 40 Eric Bakovic' 3 The Interaction Between Morphology and Phonology 68 Sharon Inkelas 4 Quantity 103Expand
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An algorithm for the unsupervised learning of morphology
This paper describes in detail an algorithm for the unsupervised learning of natural language morphology, with emphasis on challenges that are encountered in languages typologically similar to European languages. Expand
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Learning Phonological Categories
This article describes in detail several explicit computational methods for approaching such questions in phonology as the vowel/consonant distinction, the nature of vowel harmony systems, andExpand
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The last phonological rule : reflections on constraints and derivations
In this provocative book, leading linguists and computer scientists consider the challenges that computational innovations pose to current rule-based phonological theories and speculate about the advantages of phonological models based on artificial neural networks and other computer designs. Expand
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English as a tone language
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Tone : a linguistic survey
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Linguistica: An automatic morphological analyzer
This paper derives from an interest in developing algorithms which accept raw linguistic data as input, and produce as their output an analysis of the data, or a grammar. Expand
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