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L-fuzzy sets
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Order-Sorted Algebra I: Equational Deduction for Multiple Inheritance, Overloading, Exceptions and Partial Operations
We show that it is safe to add retracts to any OSA signature, in the sense that it gives rise to a conservative extension. Expand
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A hidden agenda
Our experts consider a hot topic of the day.
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Techniques for requirements elicitation
  • J. Goguen, C. Linde
  • Computer Science
  • [] Proceedings of the IEEE International…
  • 4 January 1993
The authors survey and evaluate techniques for eliciting tacit knowledge of requirements of computer-based systems, paying particular attention to dealing with social issues. Expand
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Initial Algebra Semantics and Continuous Algebras
An overview of initial algebra semantics which permits unified algebraic treatment of iterative and recursive semantic features in the same framework as basic operations. Expand
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The Semantics of CLEAR, A Specification Language
A semantics for the Clear language for specifying problems and programs, described by Burstall and Goguen in 1977. Expand
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Principles of OBJ2
01352 is a functional programming language with an underlying formal semantics that is based upon equational logic, and an oprtationnl semantics that are based upon rewrite rules. Expand
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Unwinding and Inference Control
This paper discusses two main ideas, unwinding and inference control. Expand
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Logical support for modularisation
Modularisation is important for managing the complex structures that arise in large theorem proving problems, and in large software and/or hardware development projects. This paper studies someExpand
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Putting Theories Together to Make Specifications
We have been developing a language in which you can give structured descriptions of theories. Expand
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