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Development of a well-behaved site index equation: jack pine in north central Ontario
A base-age invariant site index equation for jack pine based on the Chapman–Richards function was produced that satisfied nine criteria of preferred behavior for site index equations. A differenceExpand
Long-term trends in loblolly pine productivity and stand characteristics in response to thinning and fertilization in the West Gulf region
Abstract Two levels each of thinning and fertilization were applied to a 7-year-old loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.) plantation on a nitrogen- and phosphorus-deficient West Gulf Coastal Plain site inExpand
Fourth-Year Effects of Thinning on Growth and Epicormic Branching in a Red Oak-Sweetgum Stand on a Minor Streambottom Site in West-Central Alabama
Four thinning treatments were applied to a red oak-sweetgum (Quercus spp.-Liquidambar styraciha L.) stand on a minor streambottom site in west-central Alabama in 1994: (1) unthinned control; (2)Expand
Influence of fertilization, weed control, and pine litter on loblolly pine growth and productivity and understory plant development through 12 growing seasons
On a silt loam soil in central Louisiana, three cultural treatments were applied to a seedling loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.) plantation. The treatments were in a 2 × 2 × 2 factorial design: (1) noExpand
Measurement error causes bias in site index equations
Modeling height in the context of site index involves two processes: (i) estimating height at base age (site index), given height at some other age, and (ii) estimating height at some desired ageExpand
Long-term growth trends of red spruce and fraser fir at Mt. Rogers, Virginia and Mt. Mitchell, North Carolina
Cross-sectional area growth and height growth of Fraser fir and red spruce trees growing in Virginia and North Carolina were analyzed to identify possible long-term growth trends. Cross-sectionalExpand
The U.S. Forest Service's Laboratory at Pineville, LA has established and maintained over 250 permanent plots in longleaf pine plantations. This database represents a range of sites in south-centralExpand
Longleaf Pine Growth and Yield
Across the historical range of longleaf pine (Pinus palustris Mill.), less than 10% of lands previously occupied by longleaf ecosystems are currently in public ownership (Johnson and Gjerstad 1999;Expand