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Oil and gas wells and their integrity : implications for shale and unconventional resource exploitation
Data from around the world (Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Brazil, Canada, the Netherlands, Poland, the UK and the USA) show that more than four million onshore hydrocarbon wells have been drilledExpand
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United Kingdom Oil and Gas Fields Commemorative Millennium Volume
Memoir 20 is the most comprehensive reference work on the UK’s oil and gas fields available. It updates and substantially extends Memoir 14 (1991), United Kingdom 0il and Gas Fields, one of theExpand
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Prediction of Porosity in Compacted Sands
ABSTRACT We present a new porosity-depth relationship for clean, rigid grain (quartz, feldspar) sands under hydrostatic burial. This allows the prediction of porosity in uncemented sandstones to anExpand
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Brent Group: sequence stratigraphy and regional implications
Abstract Previous published models for the stratigraphic evolution of the Middle Jurassic (Aalenian—Bathonian) Brent Group and its equivalents rely largely upon lithostratigraphy, with few reliableExpand
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Global review of human-induced earthquakes
The Human-induced Earthquake Database, HiQuake, is a comprehensive record of earthquake sequences postulated to be induced by anthropogenic activity. It contains over 700 cases spanning the periodExpand
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Diagenesis and reservoir quality evolution of the Eocene sandstones in the northern Dongying Sag, Bohai Bay Basin, East China
Abstract The Eocene sandstones in the northern Dongying Sag, Bohai Bay Basin, China, are reservoirs for large accumulations of hydrocarbons. The sandstones are mainly lithic arkoses and feldspathicExpand
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Role of partial miscibility on pressure buildup due to constant rate injection of CO2 into closed and open brine aquifers
[1] This work extends an existing analytical solution for pressure buildup because of CO2 injection in brine aquifers by incorporating effects associated with partial miscibility. These includeExpand
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Development of deep geothermal energy resources in the UK
Deep geothermal exploration in the UK in the 1980s resulted in only one operative borehole (in Southampton). In 2004, a 995 m deep borehole was drilled into the Weardale granite in County Durham.Expand
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Heat transport and pressure buildup during carbon dioxide injection into depleted gas reservoirs
In this article, a two-layer vertical equilibrium model for the injection of carbon dioxide into a low-pressure porous reservoir containing methane and water is developed. The dependent variablesExpand
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An assessment of the footprint and carrying capacity of oil and gas well sites: The implications for limiting hydrocarbon reserves.
We estimate the likely physical footprint of well pads if shale gas or oil developments were to go forward in Europe and used these estimates to understand their impact upon existing infrastructureExpand
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