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Determination of the conditional association constants from the sound velocity data in binary liquid mixtures
Two models of calculating the association constants in mixtures of two weakly interacting liquids are proposed and analyzed: one of them assumes additivity of acoustic impedance with the molarExpand
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Hydration numbers of nonelectrolytes from acoustic methods.
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Untypical surface properties of aqueous solutions of 1,5-pentanediol
Abstract The surface tensions σ of aqueous solutions of 1,5-pentanediol were measured in the temperature range between 278 and 338 K using Wilhelmy plate method. They exhibit, in a wide range ofExpand
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Additivity of Sound Velocity in Binary Liquid Mixtures
Ideality and additivity of sound velocity in liquid mixtures are discussed. The methods of calculation of deviations of sound velocity from theoretically predicted values are analyzed usingExpand
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Is the hydration number of a non-electrolyte additive with length and constituents of the solute molecule?
Abstract.Sound velocity and density were measured at 298.15 K in a number of very diluted aqueous solutions of simple non-electrolytes: alcohols, amines and acids. From these data the adiabaticExpand
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Self-consistent coupled-wave theory for circular gratings on planar dielectric waveguides
A self-consistent coupled-wave theory for circular gratings on planar dielectric waveguides is presented. A brief description of cylindrical waves in a planar waveguide is given. The formulation ofExpand
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Additivity of adiabatic compressibility with the size and geometry of the solute molecule
Abstract It was shown for dilute aqueous solutions of few homologous series of organic non-electrolytes that the effect of solutes on compressibility decrease is directly linked to the length ofExpand
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Hydration of ions containing aliphatic chains
Abstract In this Letter the results of compressibility measurements made on 1:1 electrolytes containing normal aliphatic chains (monoalkylammonium salts and those of normal aliphatic acids) in waterExpand
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Effect of the 7-amino substituent on the inhibitory potency of mechanism-based isocoumarin inhibitors for porcine pancreatic and human neutrophil elastases: a 1.85-A X-ray structure of the complex
A series of new acyl, urea, and carbonate derivatives of 7-amino-4-chloro-3-methoxyisocoumarin were synthesized and evaluated as irreversible inhibitors of human neutrophil elastase (HNE) and porcineExpand
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Purification and crystallization of rhizopuspepsin: the use of nickel chelation chromatography to select for catalytically active species.
A new method to obtain pure zymogen-derived peptidases is presented. The key strategy is to install a polyhistidine peptide tag on the N-terminus of the propeptide sequence of a zymogen. AfterExpand
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