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Carbon nanotube amplification strategies for highly sensitive immunodetection of cancer biomarkers.
We describe herein the combination of electrochemical immunosensors using single-wall carbon nanotube (SWNT) forest platforms with multi-label secondary antibody-nanotube bioconjugates for highlyExpand
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Development and application of a high-performance liquid chromatography method using monolithic columns for the analysis of ecstasy tablets.
A rapid and selective HPLC method using monolithic columns was developed for the separation and quantification of the principal amphetamines in ecstasy tablets. Three monolithic (Chromolith RP18e)Expand
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Transplanting Commercial Law Reform: Developing a 'Rule of Law' in Vietnam
Contents: Introduction - law reform by legal transplantation Developing a legal transplantation theory A brief history of legal transplantation into Vietnam Transforming socialist legal ideologyExpand
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High performance conducting polymer actuators utilising a tubular geometry and helical wire interconnects
Abstract Electromechanical actuators based on conducting polymers can be viewed as simple electrochemical cells in which the application of a potential creates dimensional changes in one or more ofExpand
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Ionic liquids and polypyrrole helix tubes: bringing the electronic Braille screen closer to reality
There is a great need to develop a computer screen based on Braille technology that allows blind people to access computer-based information to the same extent as sighted people. The lack of aExpand
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Asian Socialism and Legal Change: The dynamics of Vietnamese and Chinese Reform
The immense process of economic and social transformation currently underway in China and Vietnam is well known & extensively documented. Less attention has been devoted to the critical process ofExpand
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Social consensus and the meta-regulation of land-taking disputes in Vietnam
Scholars have shown that Vietnam’s authoritarian regime responds to citizens. They speculate that this responsiveness may arise from rules within the party regime, citizen engagement, and a strategyExpand
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The use of self-entropy as a focus measure in digital holography
An object is numerically retrieved from its hologram when the distance between them is unknown by using a Focus Measure. Expand
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The impact of paired motor unit discharges on tremor.
We studied paired discharges (PDs) of single motor units (MUs) of the first dorsal interosseus muscle in parkinsonian and essential tremor. The number of PDs increased with increasing tremor strengthExpand
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