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Zero-reabsorption doped-nanocrystal luminescent solar concentrators.
Optical concentration can lower the cost of solar energy conversion by reducing photovoltaic cell area and increasing photovoltaic efficiency. Luminescent solar concentrators offer an attractiveExpand
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Kinetic evaluation of highly active supported gold catalysts prepared from monolayer-protected clusters: an experimental Michaelis-Menten approach for determining the oxygen binding constant during
Thiol monolayer-protected Au clusters (MPCs) were prepared using dendrimer templates, deposited onto a high-surface-area titania, and then the thiol stabilizers were removed under H2/N2. TheExpand
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Coordination chemistry of H2 and N2 in aqueous solution. Reactivity and mechanistic studies using trans-FeII(P2)2X2)-type complexes (P2 = a chelating, water-solubilizing phosphine).
The reactions of the trans-Fe(DMeOPrPE)2Cl2 complex (I; DMeOPrPE = 1,2-bis(bis(methoxypropyl)phosphino)ethane) and its derivatives were studied in aqueous and nonaqueous solvents with a particularExpand
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Precursors to water-soluble dinitrogen carriers. Synthesis of water-soluble complexes of iron(II) containing water-soluble chelating phosphine ligands of the type
The reactions of the water-soluble chelating phosphines 1,2-bis(bis(hydroxyalkyl)phosphino)ethane (alkyl = n-propyl, DHPrPE; n-butyl, DHBuPE; n-pentyl, DHPePE) with FeCl(2).4H(2)O and FeSO(4).7H(2)OExpand
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Dendrimer-Encapsulated Bimetallic Nanoparticles: Synthesis, Characterization, and Applications to Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Catalysis
We review the preparation, characterization, and properties of dendrimer-templated bimetallic nanoparticles. Polyamidoamine (PAMAM) dendrimers can be used to template and stabilize a wide variety ofExpand
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Sterically Engineered Perylene Dyes for High Efficiency Oriented Fluorophore Luminescent Solar Concentrators
L solar concentrators (LSCs) collect and concentrate sunlight for use in solar power generation. First proposed over 30 years ago, LSCs are simple devices, consisting of a planar waveguide coated orExpand
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Lysosomal origin of the ferric iron required for cell killing by hydrogen peroxide.
The lysosomotropic amines methylamine (40 mM) and chloroquine (125 mM) prevented the killing of cultured hepatocytes by hydrogen peroxide generated in the medium by glucose oxidase. MaximumExpand
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Reduction of N2 to ammonia and hydrazine utilizing H2 as the reductant.
The trans-Fe(DMeOPrPE)2Cl2 complex (where DMeOPrPE = 1,2-bis(bis(methoxypropyl)phosphino)ethane) undergoes a series of reactions that involve the activation of both H2 and N2 to produce ammonia andExpand
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Ultrafast Optical Study of Small Gold Monolayer Protected Clusters: A Closer Look at Emission†
Monolayer-protected metal nanoclusters (MPCs) were investigated to probe their fundamental excitation and emission properties. In particular, gold MPCs were probed by steady-state and time-resolvedExpand
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Ligand-based reduction of CO2 and release of CO on iron(II).
A synthetic cycle for the CO(2)-to-CO conversion (with subsequent release of CO) based on iron(II), a redox-active pydridinediimine ligand (PDI), and an O-atom acceptor is reported. This conversionExpand
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