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Isolation and characterization of a novel facultatively alkaliphilic Nitrobacter species, N. alkalicus sp. nov.
The new isolates from the alkaline habitats are described as a new species of the genus Nitrobacter, N. alkalicus, on the basis of their substantial morphological, physiological, and genetic differences from the recognized neutrophilic representatives of this genus.
An obligate methylotrophic, methane-oxidizing Methylomicrobium species from a highly alkaline environment
Abstract A new, obligately methylotrophic, methane-oxidizing bacterium, strain AMO 1, was isolated from a mixed sample of sediments from five highly alkaline soda lakes (Kenya). Based on its cell
1994-2004: 10 years of research on the anaerobic oxidation of ammonium.
With the assembly of the K. stuttgartiensis genome at Genoscope, Evry, France, the anammox reaction has entered the genomic and proteomic era, enabling the elucidation of many intriguing aspects of this fascinating microbial process.
Denitrification at extremely high pH values by the alkaliphilic, obligately chemolithoautotrophic, sulfur-oxidizing bacterium Thioalkalivibrio denitrificans strain ALJD
Thioalkalivibrio denitrificans is the first example of an alkaliphilic, obligately autotrophic, sulfur-oxidizing bacterium able to grow anaerobically by denitrification by using nitrite and N2O, but not nitrate, as electron acceptors during anaerobic growth on reduced sulfur compounds.
Colourless sulfur bacteria and their role in the sulfur cycle
SummaryThe bacteria belonging to the families of the Thiobacteriaceae, Beggiatoaceae and Achromatiaceae are commonly called the colourless sulfur bacteria. While their ability to oxidize reduced
Complete conversion of nitrate into dinitrogen gas in co-cultures of denitrifying bacteria.
The efforts to study the complex microbial communities and interactions involved in the reduction of nitrate to dinitrogen gas are summarized and it is evident that mixed cultures rather than single species are responsible for denitrification in man-made and natural ecosystems.