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Digital coding of waveforms: Principles and applications to speech and video
  • J. Gibson
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings of the IEEE
  • 1 December 1985
This reading book is your chosen book to accompany you when in your free time, in your lonely. Expand
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A QRD-M/Kalman filter-based detection and channel estimation algorithm for MIMO-OFDM systems
The use of multiple transmit/receive antennas forming a multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) system can significantly enhance channel capacity. Expand
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The Mobile Communications Handbook
From the Publisher: The Mobile Communications Handbook covers the entire field - from principles of analog and digital communications to cordless telephones, wireless local area networks (LANs), and international technology standards. Expand
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Uniform and piecewise uniform lattice vector quantization for memoryless Gaussian and Laplacian sources
Lattice vector quantizer design procedures for nonuniform sources are presented, and their utility is demonstrated for independent and identically distributed Gaussian and Laplacian sources. Expand
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Filtering of colored noise for speech enhancement and coding
State-of-the-art colored-noise-assumption Kalman filters for filtering speech contaminated by additive white noise or colored noise, and an iterative signal and parameter estimator which can be used for both noise types. Expand
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Digital Compression For Multimedia Principles And Standards
Contents Preface 1 Introduction to Data Compression 2 Lossless Source Coding 3 Universal Lossless Source Coding 4 Quantization 5 Predictive Coding 6 Linear Predictive Speech Coding Standards 7Expand
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The Communications Handbook
PART I: BASIC PRINCIPLES Complex Envelope Representations for Modulated Signals, Leon W. Couch, II Sampling, Hwei P. Hsu Pulse Code Modulation, Leon W. Couch, II Probabilities and Random Variables,Expand
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Channel estimation and data detection for MIMO-OFDM systems
We propose a convolutionally coded MIMO-OFDM system with EM-based channel estimation and a QRD-M data detection algorithm. Expand
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Lossy Source Coding
We chronicle the development of rate-distortion theory and provide an overview of its influence on the practice of lossy source coding. Expand
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