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Relationship between morphological taxonomy and molecular divergence within Crustacea: proposal of a molecular threshold to help species delimitation.
A general correlation between molecular divergence and taxonomy is revealed, particularly high for shallow taxonomic levels allowing us to propose a COI universal crustacean threshold to help species delimitation and plead for DNA use in taxonomy. Expand
The boundaries of river systems: the metazoan perspective
Summary 1. This overview of metazoans associated with the riparian/groundwater interface focuses on the fauna inhabiting substratum interstices within the stream bed and in alluvial aquifersExpand
Phylogeography of a subterranean amphipod reveals cryptic diversity and dynamic evolution in extreme environments
It is argued that future analyses of evolution and biogeography in subsurface, or more generally in extreme environments, should consider dispersal ability as an evolving trait and morphology as a potentially biased marker. Expand
Testing dispersal and cryptic diversity in a widely distributed groundwater amphipod (Niphargus rhenorhodanensis).
Results support the view that poor dispersal is a main evolutionary factor in groundwater and reject the hypothesis of a recent and global colonization of the Alps and argue that some N. rhenorhodanensis lineages probably survived glaciations near or within the Alps. Expand
Response of invertebrate assemblages to increased groundwater recharge rates in a phreatic aquifer
Abstract Low organic matter supply and reduced spatiotemporal heterogeneity severely constrain biodiversity in groundwater. At the aquifer scale, spatial variation in the groundwater recharge rate isExpand
A Perspective on the Permeability of the Surface Freshwater-Groundwater Ecotone
The ecotone concept is used to consider exchanges of matter and energy between groundwater and surface water systems. Ecotones control these exchanges by acting as a combination of three types ofExpand
Relationships between environmental variables and groundwater biodiversity at the regional scale.
Summary 1. Relationships between the assemblage structure of stygobionts (i.e. obligate groundwater species) and habitat conditions in aquifers were explored in the French Jura based on 16Expand
Towards an optimal sampling strategy to assess groundwater biodiversity: comparison across six European regions
Summary 1. Reliable assessments of groundwater biodiversity are urgently needed to resolve current issues relating to the protection of aquifers. The assessment of groundwater biodiversity isExpand
A molecular test for cryptic diversity in ground water: how large are the ranges of macro-stygobionts?
Data suggest that small ranges of macro-stygobionts are the rule, and ranges over 200 km are extremely rare, and a considerable increase in overall diversity at the regional and continental scale and a strong decrease in faunal similarities among regions, coupled with greater endemism. Expand