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Stratigraphy and sedimentology of the Middle Ordovician Hawaz Formation (Murzuq Basin, Libya)
The Middle Ordovician Hawaz Formation is a 200-m (660-ft)-thick succession made up of fine-grained quartzarenites displaying a variable degree of bioturbation. It records the deposition in a
Spatangoid-produced ichnofabrics (Bateig Limestone, Miocene, Spain) and the preservation of spatangoid trace fossils
A spatangoid-produced ichnofabric is described from the Miocene Bateig Limestone, SE Spain. This ichnofabric is characterized by the dominant presence of large meniscate burrows (Bichordites)
Bioerosion in shell beds from the Pliocene Roussillon Basin, France: Implications for the (macro)bioerosion ichnofacies model
The marine Pliocene at the locality of Nefiach (Roussillon Basin, SE France) includes several shell beds constituted by oysters and scallops that bear a diverse and abundant bioerosion trace fossil
Entobia ichnofacies in fossil rocky shores, lower Pliocene, northwestern Mediterranean
Ichnological study of Lower Pliocene rocky shores in several northwestern Mediterranean basins has revealed the existence of a recurrent trace fossil assemblage of borings. This assemblage is
Ichnological features of a marine transgression: Middle Miocene Rocky Shores of Tarragona, Spain
Bioerosion traces from six rocky shore localities in the Miocene Tarragona basin are described. The bioerosion affects Jurassic and Miocene carbonate substrates. The ichnotaxa include borings
Ethologic and ontogenic significance of the Pliocene trace fossil Sinusichnus sinuosus from the northwestern Mediterranean
The trace fossil Sinusichnus sinuosus Gibert 1996 is described and interpreted as an open burrow system, attributed to a crustacean tracemaker, that shares some features with fodinichnial networks,
Can trace elements in fossils provide information about palaeodiet
The main aim of this study is to try to see if, despite the diagenetic changes undergone by the fossil bones buried in Venta Micena (Orce, Spain), the concentration of trace elements permits the