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A novel influenza A virus mitochondrial protein that induces cell death
While searching for alternative reading-frame peptides encoded by influenza A virus that are recognized by CD8+ T cells, we found an abundant immunogenic peptide encoded by the +1 reading frame ofExpand
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Rapid degradation of a large fraction of newly synthesized proteins by proteasomes
MHC class I molecules function to present peptides eight to ten residues long to the immune system. These peptides originate primarily from a cytosolic pool of proteins through the actions ofExpand
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Distribution of woodland amphibians along a forest fragmentation gradient
  • J. Gibbs
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  • 1 August 1998
Understanding how changes in land-use affect the distribution and abundance of organisms is an increasingly important question in landscape ecology. Amphibians may be especially prone to localExpand
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Wetland Loss and Biodiversity Conservation
Abstract: Most species of wetland-dependent organisms live in multiple local populations sustained through occasional migration. Retention of minimum wetland densities in human-dominated landscapesExpand
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Estimating the effects of road mortality on turtle populations
Road mortality is suspected to have contributed to widespread population declines in turtles in the United States, a country with exceptionally high turtle diversity. We examined the issue through aExpand
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Amphibian Movements in Response to Forest Edges, Roads, and Streambeds in Southern New England
If management of landscape linkages is to be promoted as a means of conserving amphibian populations, it must be demonstrated that amphibian dispersal does not occur independently of ecosystem edgesExpand
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Impacts of road deicing salt on the demography of vernal pool-breeding amphibians.
Deicing agents, primarily road salt, are applied to roads in 26 states in the United States and in a number of European countries, yet the scale of impacts of road salt on aquatic organisms remainsExpand
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Effects of Roads on the Structure of Freshwater Turtle Populations
Road mortality has the potential to alter the structure of turtle populations because turtle popula- tions are highly sensitive to additive sources of adult mortality. To address the issue, weExpand
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Effects of Timber Harvest on Amphibian Populations: Understanding Mechanisms from Forest Experiments
Harvesting timber is a common form of land use that has the potential to cause declines in amphibian populations. It is essential to understand the behavior and fate of individuals and the resultingExpand
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