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Asymptotic Backstepping Stabilization of an Underactuated Surface Vessel
Under realistic assumptions, it is shown that there exists a natural change of coordinates that transforms the whole dynamical system into a cascade nonlinear system, and the control problem of the resulting system can be reduced to the stabilization of a third-order chained form. Expand
Formation path following control of unicycle-type mobile robots
A combination of the virtual structure and path following approaches is used to derive the formation architecture of the formation controller for the kinematic model of two-degrees of freedom unicycle- type mobile robots. Expand
Global stabilisation and tracking control of underactuated surface vessels
In this study, the authors solve the problem of uniform global asymptotic stabilisation and global exponential tracking for an underactuated ship with only two propellers. A unified backsteppingExpand
Coordinated Path-Following Control for a Group of Underactuated Surface Vessels
  • J. Ghommam, F. Mnif
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics
  • 4 August 2009
The proposed coordination controller uses a combination of Lyapunov direct method, backstepping, and concepts from graph theory to synchronize a group of underactuated ships along given paths (path following) while holding a desired intership formation pattern. Expand
Three-dimensional distributed tracking control for multiple quadrotor helicopters
Using the Backstepping and filtering design technique and results from graph theory, a distributed cooperative controller consisting of two interconnected blocks is proposed, which guarantees that the centroid of the three-dimensional formation asymptotically follows a desired path corresponding to the desired formation trajectory. Expand
Robust Observer-Based Dynamic Sliding Mode Controller for a Quadrotor UAV
In this paper, a novel robust backstepping-based approach combined with sliding mode control is proposed for trajectory tracking of a quadrotor UAV subject to external disturbances and parameterExpand
Quadrotor circumnavigation of an unknown moving target using camera vision-based measurements
A vision-based motion estimation and target tracking algorithm for a quadrotor unmanned aerial vehicle circumnavigation around a moving mobile target whose velocity is unknown and time varying is proposed. Expand
Distributed Synchronization Control to Trajectory Tracking of Multiple Robot Manipulators
The proposed decentralized control law is extended to an adaptive synchronization control taking into account parameter uncertainties to address the time delay problems in the network communication channels and robustly synchronizes robots to track a given trajectory. Expand
Backstepping-based cooperative and adaptive tracking control design for a group of underactuated AUVs in horizontal plan
It is shown how Lyapunov-based techniques and graph theory can be combined together to yield a robust cooperative controller where the uncertain dynamics of the cooperating vehicles and the constraints on the communication topology which contains a directed spanning tree are explicitly taken into account. Expand
Adaptive backstepping synchronization for networked Lagrangian systems
In the proposed approach, each follower robot only needs the information exchange with its connected neighbors and does not assume the existence of direct communication channel with the leader, which mitigate the implementation cost, mainly when the cooperative robots number increases. Expand