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How to get off the mismatch at the generic rank in African Podostemaceae?
The Podostemaceae are highly enigmatic plants which are restricted to submerged river-rock habitats and the availability of new material from continental Africa prompted this new study, which proposes restricting Ledermanniella to the species of the former subgenus Ledermannilla, resurrecting Monandriella as monotypic genus, and accepting the genus name Inversodicraea.
Comparative Morphology and Molecular Systematics of African Podostemaceae‐Podostemoideae, with Emphasis on Dicraeanthus and Ledermanniella from Cameroon
Important morphological transformations specific to African podostemoids include a shift from erect to inverted flowers in the spathella and unilocular ovaries arising via septum loss.
Enigmatic morphology of Djinga felicis (Podostemaceae-Podostemoideae), a badly known endemic from northwestern Cameroon
The structure and development of Djinga felicis is described using scanning electron microscopy and microtome sections and Cusset's protologue is enriched considerably.
Developmental Morphology of the Controversial Ramulus Organ of Tristicha trifaria (Subfamily Tristichoideae, Podostemaceae): Implications for Evolution of a Unique Body Plan in Podostemaceae
The ramulus of Tristicha is interpreted to be the determinate shoot portion of a sympodially branched shoot system, as in Terniopsis, not as a leaf or a leaf-stem fuzzy organ.
Revised treatment of Memecylon sect. Afzeliana (Melastomataceae: Olisbeoideae), including three new species from Cameroon
Seven new names at species rank are proposed in Memecylon sect. Afzeliana Jacq.-Fél.
Diversification of African Rainforest Restricted Clades: Piptostigmateae and Annickieae (Annonaceae)
African rainforests (ARFs) are species rich and occur in two main rainforest blocks: West/Central and East Africa. This diversity is suggested to be the result of recent diversification, high
Warneckea austro-occidentalis, a new species from Cameroon and Nigeria, and re-evaluation of W. fascicularis var. mangrovensis (Melastomataceae-Olisbeoideae)
An endemic of tropical forests in Cameroon’s South West Province and adjacent Nigeria, Warneckea austro-occidentalis R. D. Stone is described and illustrated and proposed at species level for the taxon originally described as W. mangrovensis Jacq.-Fél.
Taxonomic Monograph of Saxicolella (Podostemaceae), African waterfall plants highly threatened by Hydro-Electric projects, with five new species
The genus Saxicolella Engl. (Podostemaceae) are African rheophytes, restricted to rapids and waterfalls as are all members of the family. Previously, Saxicolella sensu lato was shown to be