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Energy losses and transition radiation produced by the interaction of charged particles with a graphene sheet
We present a fully relativistic formulation of the energy loss of a charged particle traversing a conductive monoatomic layer and apply it to the case of graphene in a transmission electronExpand
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Plasmon excitations in cylindrical wires by external charged particles
We study the interaction of external charged particles with the bulk and surface modes of cylindrical wires using classical and quantum mechanical formulations. First, the dielectric functionExpand
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Graphene Science Handbook : Nanostructure and Atomic Arrangement
An exhaustive enumeration method to generate graphene– alloy configurations and the method to calculate or estimate the electronic structures of those configurations will be discussed. The electronicExpand
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Relaxation of internal stress field and hydrogen ordering on YHx
Abstract Although there have been several theoretical efforts in the past to calculate both the best structure of H–H pairs in Y and the total energies as well as electronic structures, there existExpand
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Size-Dependent Properties
Graphene, one of whose lateral sizes is confined to being oneatom thick, has grabbed enormous attention ever since the discovery of this atomic thin layer of carbon crystal or polymer which wasExpand
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Plasmon excitations on a single-wall carbon nanotube by external charges: Two-dimensional two-fluid hydrodynamic model
We present a quantization of the hydrodynamic model to describe the excitation of plasmons in a single-walled carbon nanotube by a fast point charge moving near its surface at an arbitrary angle ofExpand
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Energy Losses and Transition Radiation in Multilayer Graphene Traversed by a Fast Charged Particle
We present a fully relativistic formulation of the energy loss of a charged particle traversing a number of graphene layers and apply it to the case of two spatially separated layers probed by anExpand
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The interaction of fast charged particles with a semi-infinite medium is described using both quantummechanical and semiclassical dielectric formulations. We consider the coupling with bulk andExpand
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